Re: [Amel] Shaft pitting on Dessalator low pressure pump

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Hi when and if you get it remachined have the shop of grind the shaft to cleanup and have it nickel plated back to size this method will also stop the pitting

Richard Piller

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Hi George and Kim, any competent fitter and turner can build up the shaft and turn it in a lathe to original specs. I recently did this with the shaft of the salt water pump on my volvo TMD 22. A new shaft from volvo was quoted at NZ$500, a complete pump at over NZ$1000. Had the rebuild done for NZ$80.
Danny and Yvonne
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Danny and Yvonne

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Subject: [Amel] Shaft pitting on Dessalator low pressure pump
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Date: Friday, 13, August, 2010, 12:12 PM

Leaking from the impellor housing is caused by pitting on the impellor shaft, the seals are fine, however how can the shaft be repaired or replaced or can the pump be replaced with an after market pump and if so, what brand?

George and Kim
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