Re: [Amel] B&G Sonic Speed sensor and "the barnacle"

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Thanks Judy and Bill, this is definitely one good use for this.

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We find it good to know the effect of the current on our SOG. GPS gives us
accurate speed over ground (SOG); sonic speed gives us accurate speed through
the water...the difference is the result of the positive or negative current.
It is a quick and easy solution to know why the SOG is as bad, or as good, as
indicated in SOG.

Armed with this information, you can make decisions that can effect your arrival
time...or, at a minimum, it will give you something to discuss with your crew.;)


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We also have a small problem with the same sensor (posted few weeks ago), and
was actualy wonderring: why is it needed at all, as most of us have more then
one GPS aboard which indicates the speed more reliebly? I might be giving up

easy, but is there any real loss by just forgetting about it?

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