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Eric, et al.,
The ring holding the foredeck light in the AquaSignal fixture fell off and the bulb broke. We're in Fiji and found that the 100mm PVC cap used here for septic tank access has a screw cap the fits perfectly. Simply cut a round hole slightly smaller than the bulb. Cost for the unit was $5 USD.
The deck spotlight bulbs, #4589, 28V 50W are available from for $7.08USD.
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Another solution,

I put car optical head lights with standard H3 / 24 V. bulb.
I bought it in Singapore, but I suppose it does exist everywhere.

I yesterday in Greece paid 6 Euros for a replacement bulb.

Only drawback, you have to put a protective coat on the back of optical to avoid sea corrosion.



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In Barcelona they ask me more than 75 EUROS !!!! (50 EUR in France)
With lock I found it on Internet at :
for 7 EUROS !!!
Merci Internet
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Hi Eric.

The foredeck light is a sealed beam unit the same as the one
mounted on the mizzen and is used in light aircraft and can
be usually purchased locally.

Having just replaced mine I will send you the name next week.
However, I was forced to purchase the complete assembly of
steaming light, foredeck light and plastic shroud from Amel as
the plastic shroud was broken - an expensive option. It comes
complete with the 2 light fittings and has to be riveted to
the mast- a somewhat tricky operation at that height as a
large rivet gun is needed and the shroud has to be secured
in position round the curvature of the mast.



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Does anyone know the manufacturer of the foredeck light mounted just
the steaming light?

Fair Winds


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