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Hi David,
How is Prevaza Marine, please pass our regards on to George, we were there for 12 years up until 2002.
Our rubbing strip was a little sticky when we bought Zephyr last year so I tried cleaning it with a Scotchpad and Jif then cleaned again with Farecla G3. That removed the surface
tackiness and then I applied two coats of wax. It has held up so far but of course we are subject to rain rather than sun here as you well know!
The dirty streaks down the quarters can be minimised by machine polishing the area and keeping it well wax polished which encourages the dirt not to stick to the hull. We have only had to clean and wax once in the last 12 months but it if there is a better solution I would be delighted to hear it. We had the same problem with boat we kept in Prevaza but that had an aluminium toeral which left multiple dirty streaks which was even more irritating.
I was told by Amel that the rubbing strip was 'nailed' on, I don't know if something was lost in the translation or not but it did put me off renewing ours!
'Zephyr' Sharki 181

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Subject: [Amel] Rub rail
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Hi Everyone
Has anyone replaced their rub rail? ours is probably original and gives off a greasy white deposit when touched, we spend lots of time cleaning the boat only to have all sorts of rubbish wash out from behind the rubrail shortly afterwards and dirty the hull again, we also have dirty streaks down the quarters caused by dirty water from behind the rub rail, it does it's job as a resilient bumper strip but detracts from the boat cosmetically. Any ideas?
Hazel and David Worthington
Sharki 148 Preveza Marina

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