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Hi Kent,
If the motors and gearboxes are the same as on our 1989 Sharki then the motor brushes are standard and a good auto electrical shop should be able to source them. I got two complete sets for ours this winter and replaced the existing ones. £2.50 a pair for the outhaul and mast furling motors and £35.00 a pair for the genoa fuler motor. They are a 'hard' type with a very high copper content. I can look up more info if required.
If the outhaul and mast furling gearboxes are the same then they are a standard Bonfiglioli  V44 industrial worm drive gearbox available here in the UK for around £175.00 each, they use standard size bearings and seals. The gearbox oil is a fully synthetic type 320 which can be rather expensive.
'Zephyr' Sharki 181

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Subject: [Amel] Re: Furling and Outhaul Gearboxes
Date: Wednesday, 25 August, 2010, 17:16


Hi, Craig, et al.
I'm having trouble finding parts for the main furler and outhaul gear boxes, and brushes for the motors for these units. I'm told that the motors are now "obsolete" and that the manufacturer no longer carries the brushes. Amel is quoting $890 ea for the gear boxes, $1962 ea for the motor/gearbox assemblies, and $11,083 for the genoa furler taxes and shipping!!! I would surely like to avoid having to purchase new ones if the old ones can be overhauled enough to be safe. What spares would you carry for these units for sailing the S. Pacific?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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" ...take this opportunity to open your jib furler gear box and thoroughly maintain it - replace all the seals plus bearings, especially if there's any sign of water ingress.
Caspar and Vito were recently talking here (on the DB) about grease leaking on the deck from the furler gearbox (it's probably not the grease inside the furler extrusion) - that's not normal and imho is the clarion call that you're overdue to open up the unit and fix it. Btw, these are all stock parts from mechanical suppliers so no need to go to the factory. Same thing for the outhaul and main furling gear boxes - may as well stick new brushes in the motors too, and burnish the commutators."

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