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Olivier Beaute at Amel told me that the easy solution is to make a kevlar
strop to put round the mast just above the spreaders and then rig an inner
forestay down to the anchor winch with a suitable tensioning device. I
cannot remember where a storm jib should be sheeted to.
I fitted an inner forestay on my last boat,(a very leaky lousy Oyster 435)
with the head of the stay fixed to the mast about three feet down from the
top and with a special through deck fitting to secure the tensioner. The
stay was tied back by the mast and only rigged (with a bagged Storm jib)
for long passages in the South Pacific. It was never used in anger in the
five years we were there and i have not bothered with Bali Hai No 319.

Regards, John Hollamby

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