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Dear Claud,
where are you located?
eric Freedman sm 376 kimberlite huntington ny

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I think that depending on how much sailing you do, it
will be reasonable to budget USD 25,000. to maintain
an SM in excellent condition. If you do a geat deal of
the work yourself, you can likely reduce this by USD
10,000. Our SM is 3 years old, and aside from routine
small items the work is done by a good yard; we do
have the added cold-climate consideration of
decommissioning for the winter lay-up. However, during
years in which we kept the boat in the water
year-around, the winter in the Caribbean, we found
that the extra wear and tear of the extra sea months
came to about the same as decommissioning. This annual
maintenance cost compares with about USD 15,000. which
we had over a 15-year period with a Maramu, a less
complex boat in many respects.
Claude Roessiger, Nanuq SM #308

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