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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Rob & Glen,

I kept very accurate accounts of my 2 year and 25,000 nm voyage in a new SM 2000. During that time I made some additions such as a wind generator, solar panels, deck wash, extra shelves and a hot water changeover system to get hot water from the generator. Most of the work I did myself. I also bought a new genoa and had to haul out twice to change the prop shaft seals and also to renew the antifouling. I lived on board the entire time and used marina's as little as possible.

Overall costs worked out at $2400 per month or $28,800 per year. This include some $1000 to run the company that owns the yacht. A quick breakdown is as follows:

Insurance 18%
Provisions 17%
Repairs 9.5%
Improvements 9.4%
Eating ashore 6.1%
Marina charges 5.8%
Diesel 3.8%
New Genoa 6.3%

I hope that this is of some help. By the way, I could not get insurance from Pantaenius for a circum navigation on my new Amel, but Assurance Maritime in La Rochelle came up with world wide cover from 60N to 30S at 1.27% with a 0.4% deductible. This is a special deal for Amel owners only and is known as the "Prestige Amel" contract. Contact is Monsieur Alain de Lassee at assmardelassee@...

Ian Shepherd SM #414 "Crusader"

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