Re: [Amel] Mastervolt Battery Monitor

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Mike, I had good luck by calling Mastervolt in the Netherlands, phone 31-203422100. Ask for Edwin. I tried Mastervolt in Florida and they were not very helful. Good luck John " Moon Dog " SM 248

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Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 21:08:36 -0400
Subject: [Amel] Mastervolt Battery Monitor

Aletes (SM2000 #240) has a Mastervolt Battery Monitor. Upon reconfiguring
the settings for a new set of batteries, we lost the display for % of
capacity remaining that showed with the t function. The t function now shows
hours remaining, which is the default setting but not nearly as helpful as
%. The manual has no references to a % function. Does anyone know how to set
up the monitor for %? Or am I misunderstanding the instrument?

Mike Ondra

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