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Craig Scott

We have the same AC problem. Have had several communications with the yard about the units freezing up and the only solution to date has been to take the units off auto and set the fans on the highest or second highest speed. When comparing this problem to the CruiseAir units we had on our previous boat (which did not freeze up) Amel said it is because Climea does not have a sensor to detect a freezing up. I suspect they are working with Climea to get a fix for future boats, but I think we are stuck with this.

Lone Star A54#101

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Having sailed our new 54 first time in the Med this summer I have to express my big disappointment relating to the air-condition of the AMEL 54. All three of the units tend to get icy because they are not able to cope with the normal heat of the Mediterranean summer. Once they are icy they do not produce cold air anymore. It might work up to temperatures around 25�C but not above. Even if you follow the advice of Amel to go step by step to lower degrees it does not work. This is clearly a question of bad design. I never had this kind of problems with the aircons of the Super Maramu � it is bringing some shame on the Amel yard. I talked to some expert who told me that the in- and outlet of the units are way to small. Now I do not know what to do. Does anybody else has noticed this problem?
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