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john martin <symoondog@...>

Thanks much to Kent on KRISTY for his referral to Stephan Rathsack of Keenan Marine Insurance for boat insurance. Phone 914-631-1600 and emal

We recently got several quotes from different brokers/underwriters and the policy thru Keenan (from Lemma Europe) was by far the least expensive, had the lowest deductibles and best met our cruising/navigation needs. Their "hurricane box" is the smallest of all quotes we received: it excludes Grenada, the southern Grenadines, northern Bahamas starting at Georgetown, and all of Florida (12 deg 40 N to 23 deg 30 N, 55 to 85 W). It covers all of Venezuela (mainland as well as islands) as well as the western Caribbean/Yucatan, year-round. Policy does not cover singlehanded navigation (at any time), races/regattas or living onboard when on the hard (due to the on-hard discount). Premium for $325k hull value (2% deductible) and 6 months on the hard was $4000. A new survey was required as our last one was in 2002.

Some limitations from the other quotes we got were: huge hurricane box, requirement for yacht to be in a cradle during hurricane season (jack-stands unacceptable), no coverage in any part of Venezuela or western Caribbean such as Belize, Honduras etc, and much higher deductibles along with much higher annual premiums.

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