Re: [Amel] Autohelm ST7000 Autopilot


Hi Maurice & Heather.

Do you have a remote control? If so, disconnect it completely from the unit
itself. Worked for me, a few years ago, although it was a BG autopilot.

If not, you could take off the rear cover of the head and clean the
mainboard with isopropilic alcohol (99.9%, not ordinary alcohol). Sometimes
tiny grains of salt get inside and, since they attract moisture, in the
right condition will bridge a contact. Also happened to me with an Autohelm


2010/10/21 sy_baracca <sy_baracca@...>

We have started having a problem with the original Autohelm ST7000
autopilot fitted to our 1991 Santorin. When sailing along it will just stop
working without any warning until such time as it veers sufficiently off
course to trigger the OFF COURSE warning. Hitting Standby and turning the
boat back onto the original course and then pressing Auto will restore it
for a time before the problem returns an hour or so later. No other error
messages come up on the display.

I know this is an old unit but we would like to keep it in good working
order as a backup to our recently installed Raymarine X30 Smartpilot which
incidently we are very pleased with.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

Maurice & Heather
SY Baracca
New Zealand
Santorin #41

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