Re: [Amel] Re: Maramu engine replacement


I sold a boat built of steel in South Africa for a gent who installed this
Cummins engine at original build. He put 4500 hours on it. He loved it. He
did not love the service he got at anything other than first world countries
so he carried a wealth of spares and since he had the spares, nothing much
broke. It is fairly heavy and as I recall somewhat tall, but it could have
been perspective lost in the tiny space he crammed it into.

I think Yanmar is hard to beat as a replacement as the service one can
expect is as good as anything my customers over the years have told me they
expect to obtain. When Yanmar evolves a particular motor, they usually, key
word usually, try not to orphan the previous examples. This saves the horrid
but rewarding task of cross referencing components from other sources to
make things work after being told, "no more of those parts left, buddy."

That said, I recall when the other Japanese brands such as Sony and Toyota
used to be bullet proof too.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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