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Hi there all. I am not yet an Amel owner but joined the group a while ago. It's great to see the power of a strong worldwide boating community all keen to help each other. I'm considering purchasing an Amel in the US to sail back to Australia (Sydney). I need to find a knowledgable/highly reputable broker specialising in Amels in the US (preferably West Coast). We will need to put a lot of faith in someone's evaluation / recommendations prior to travelling to the US for a pre-purchase inspection. Any help would be appreciated. We'd be looking at a pre-2000 model based upon expected cost.

Regards, Jim
Jim- My wife and I purchased SM2K hull number 422 this Spring from Joel Potter. He's Amel's sole sanctioned representative in the America's, so we felt like the fact that he's tied to Chantiers Amel was a good sign. We found him to be completely forthright and detail-oriented throughout the process. What's better is that he's got 30 years experience with these boats and knows every mechanical and electrical nuance imaginable. We knew exactly what we were buying and 6 months later I can honestly say that he'll sell me my next boat, although parting with LORIENT now would involve prying it from my dead hand........we love our boat.

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