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I encountered a similar problem with my Raymarine/ Autohelm autopilot.

I believe I had the first model 400 course compute installed in Kimberlite.
Prior to they installed the model 300 course computer it is black with
cooling fins. The 400 is larger and made of grey plastic.

When I took the boat initially from the factory I sailed to Guernsey, one
day we turned on the power and all the instruments went out.

Being familiar wit Raymarine instruments I removed everyone from the circuit
and it still did not work. I finally came across a white small box to the
port of the course computer with Raymarine wires running into it. Knowing
Raymarine equipment I knew it was not from them.

I opened it up and found four sea talk cables connected to a circuit board
just floating loose in the box. I was able to sail back to LaRochelle and
spoke to Pouchon who installed the instruments. They said it was a Raymarine
instrument problem.

When I returned to the USA I wrote Raymarine and asked what was the box that
Pouchon had installed. It seems that when the instruments are turned off on
the 300 course computer the autopilot fails. I told them that I had the 400
autopilot and they said that the "Pouchon box" was not necessary since they
fixed the problem with the 400 series computers.

When I returned to La Rochelle Pouchon finally admitted that their box was
defective and they changed it out. I said it is not necessary please remove
it. They said it was very complicated to do and when I got to Lisbon they
would have their tech remove it. I asked for a schematic diagram, however
they refused.

When the tech arrived at the boat in Lisbon I saw the fax from pouchon
giving directions on how to remove the box.

Basically you just cut the circuit board loose. Then you connect all the red
wires together, all the black wires together, and all the yellow wires
together. Obviously they were just being difficult at Pouchon.

The moral is that if you have the model 300 black course computer your
problems might be with the Pouchon box, it is very poorly built. If you have
a model 400 or newer model the pouchon box is just an accident waiting to
happen, just remove it.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Autohelm has or had agents in Oz and NZ. I had a problem with mine getting
messages on the control head saying something like No Power so far as I can
remember. The problem was the build up of carbon dust in the casing of the
actuator motor. It is quite easy to open this up to check it if it has
covered long distances but if I recall correctly it was neccessary to use
bits of cotton to keep the brushes in place during reassembly.

Regards, Anne and John, SM319, Bali Hai

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