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hi all, have you seen this photo of downwind pole to pole.

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Hi Kent,

The Jockey Poles most definitely should not be parallel to the water. If you
look closely at the stubby cylindrical socket with the retaining pin that's
welded onto the mast and into which your jockey pole goes, you'll see that it is
angled slightly downward.

The Jockey Pole must be aligned with that socket and, therefore, will take that
same slight downward angle from the mast to the "boomerang" (which seems a good
name for the support rail and ring assembly clamped to the shrouds).

You can easily visually judge when the Jockey Pole is "square" with the socket
(not the mast) and that defines the right height that the "boomerang" needs to
be. The Jockey Pole most definitely won't be "parallel to the water line" nor
"straight out from the mast" - it will be perfectly in-line with it's socket
and, thus, will angle slightly down as it goes out to the shrouds.

The "boomerang" should fit nicely at this height - whack it around a bit with
your fist at the front and back until it "settles in". The upper shroud and the
intermediate may have to be spread apart just a bit to get the "U" bolts on (you
should tension the rig before clamping down the "Boomerang").

Craig Briggs, s/v Sangaris in Greece, Santorin #68

--- In amelyachtowners@..., "Kent Robertson" <karkauai@...> wrote:

supports on the shrouds that support the jockey poles...looks too low by about
6 inches. If I raise the support be straight out from the socket in the
mast, it looks like it would pull the shrouds together. ... I think I am right
in assuming that the jockey pole should be parallel to the water line???


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