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The Amel Owners Group Moderator asked me to again try to post my original reply
to your Topic...the following is the message that I had to send to you privately
because of some issues with the Amel Owners Group. I apologize for the duplicity
of these postings, but it is of no fault of mine.......

Your best bet is to contact Joel Potter, Amel's rep for the Americas..

1. He sold all of the Amels in the Americas at least the first time when they
were new as he is the sole rep for the Americas.

2. He will not sell a used Amel that has been abused. I personally know of a
boat that he refused to sell.

3. He knows of Amels that are not yet "officially" listed for sale because many
of us who may be considering a future sale of our boat trust Joel to have a
"what if" conversation with him. You should trust him for your search.

Judy and I have sailed BeBe, #387, from the Caribbean across the Pacific to many
destinations including your home and from there through Indonesia to northern
Malaysia, where we are now. If we can be any help to you, we would be pleased to
assist. We will be sailing BeBe from Phuket to India, to the Red Sea, and into
the Med leaving sometime in Dec/Jan...keep us posted of your progress.

Here is Joel's contact information:
Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist, LLC
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas
Mailing Address: 401 East Las Olas Boulevard #130-126
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Phone: (954) 462-5869
Email: jfpottercys@...


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Langkawi, Malaysia

--- In amelyachtowners@..., "Jim Koulias" <jk@...> wrote:

Hi there all. I am not yet an Amel owner but joined the group a while ago. It's
great to see the power of a strong worldwide boating community all keen to help
each other. I'm considering purchasing an Amel in the US to sail back to
Australia (Sydney). I need to find a knowledgable/highly reputable broker
specialising in Amels in the US (preferably West Coast). We will need to put a
lot of faith in someone's evaluation / recommendations prior to travelling to
the US for a pre-purchase inspection. Any help would be appreciated. We'd be
looking at a pre-2000 model based upon expected cost.

Regards, Jim

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