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Hi Bob and Suzy

You have been a great help. I will now be going to Gran Canaria to start the
ARC with peace of mind. My delivery crew had me frightened. I will
redistribute the weight a little more cleverly but it is good to know that
someone else has had the same experience.

Happy voyaging


Ocean Hobo


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Hi Ivan,
This posting assumes that the list to port is static (at rest) as well as
moving. I own a 93 Santorin and my experience is that there can be a
tendency to list to port but that it can be overcome. I believe that the
reasons that it can list to port are the following--heavy house batteries,
oven/stove, pantry, Espar?,both heads, refrigerator+contents are all on the
port side. Also, if you have a heavy life raft and filled jerry cans in the
port life raft locker, that can add significant weight on that side. In
addition, if you use large amounts of diesel in your tank, you lose weight
(up to 800 lbs) on the starboard side. The rear lazarette is not a great
place to try to trim the list of the boat because it significantly tapers
inboard, providing less leverage on the roll axis--in any case the bow and
stern are not a great place to have any heavy items because they increase
forces on the pitch access. I solved my boat's issue--COMPLETELY-- by
putting heavy engine spares etc. in the storage below the starboard pilot
berth --this is the widest part of the boat. I also keep heavy tools below
my nav station area. In addition, heavier food items, etc IF you have them
in the lockers below the salon windows can be shifted to the starboard size.
Finally, heavy canned goods and beer, etc. could be stored in the bottom
shelf of the passageway. Again, I have not had to resort to that, but I do
not have full jerry cans in the life raft compartment. I just spent several
weeks anchored with friends who have finished their circumnavigation in a
(Garcia) sail boat with a Hydrovane which was very significantly offset and
it worked without a hitch....used it virtually all the time and could not
stop raving about it.

Hope this helps.

Bob and Suzanne
Brittany de la Mer 1993 Santorin

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Hi All

I seem to have a serious problem with the stability of my boat. I recently
fitted a Hydrovane Self Steering gear through the bumper offset to the
side. My boat now has a list of about 5 degrees to port. When a heavy crew
member stands on the starboard side in the opposing position it makes no
difference. A friend and crew recently took the boat to Gran Canaria in
preparation for the ARC. It was sailed with a lot of weight in the
and the boat screwed to windward in force7 so much that it broached
times. They are experienced sailors and assure me the sails were well
balanced. They did not use the wind vane. On arrival in port they moved
the weight from the lazarette and distributed it on the port side but the
boat still has a 3 degree list to port.

Any answers to this .

The ARC starts in 3 weeks.

Ivan Campbell

Ocean Hobo

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