Re: Cabinetry work


Delores,<br>Sorry, I neglected to answer your
query about the storage spaces under the steps. I can't
easily up load a digital pic from here since we're using
a slow GSM cell phone connection. Let me briefly
describe them.<br>I've seen two options. Small drawers
hung under each step, shallow enogh to leave plenty of
room for our foot on the lower step or, as we have
done, a removable board across the step set back far
enough so the step is useable, behind which you can
store items and they will be immediately accessible. We
have 10cm (4in.) high boards that slide into grooves
mounted on either side. I store my tool bag under the
bottom step, the other two we use for daily kitchen
items like aluminum foil... Quite convenient.<br>Hope
this helps.<br>Charlie<br>S/V Malaika II

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