[Amel] Re: Outhaul


Here I am again talking about the outhaul and jib car lines. I got the Endura braid 7/16" and installed it on all of the above. Noticed a little slipping the first time out in 20kts on the beam and retightened so they're very taut. Still slipped a lot in 30kts, so much so that the sails were essentially useless. The lines still feel very taut. I'm going to try the contact adhesive, but won't get much chance to try them out until I'm ready to go South for the winter. If I had to I could cleat the outhaul off at the end of the boom, but that'd be a real hassle at sea in a blow. The line is certainly not as rough as the original lines, but is rougher than most other lines.

I can order the line Amel uses if necessary, and probably will rather than take a chance of going to sea with unusable equipment. Any other suggestions? Time is getting short if I'm going to have Amel ship it.

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