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Thanks..I probably won't get there before I re-rig.  I live in Seattle

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If you happen by St Martin FKG rigging has everything metric you will need
and they do a fantastic job.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Thanks for the reply. You are afirming that I should replace it before
heading south.


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It is significantly more expensive to replace the standing rigging with
metric wire and fittings if you are in the US. I understand it's not the
case if you are in Europe or elsewhere. If you switch to US standard sizes,
there will be some issues with fittings that are attached to the boat. I
opted to use metric sized cables in spite of the added cost because I
thought it might detract from resale value if I switched to US sizes. I had
a little pitting and rust at the entry points of the cables into the swages,
and cut two of the swages lengthwise to look at the cables within...there
was significant deterioration of the cables and I was glad I'd decided to
change the rigging even though I was told I could probably get another year
or two out of the originals.

Good luck.

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