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Kent when in the N Atlantic stick with Herb for the stream position regarding your boat. Best is get off shore beyond the gs go SSE until u hit the trades then turn west. Keep in mind there are very clear signs of an extended tropical storm season this year.

Best of winds for all going south is season.

Richard Piller

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That's what I've been using the most before I set sail Richard. It's pretty graphics-intensive and takes a long time to download using my Iridium SatPhone, though, so not really what I want while I'm at sea. Still just learning all this weather info collection, and now have my SSB working, finally. Will probably use Chris Parker's services and will listen to Herb this time out, as well as get my own weather charts via the SSB and SatPhone email...will see what seems to work best for me and how close I can come on my own to what the experts are saying. Hopefully in another year I'll be comfortable going out without paying a weather router to help me.

I've gotta say, I'm a bit intimidated by the SSB stuff, though I'm just getting started. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good handbook to guide me through the nuts and bolts of using it...for cruising nets, weather, phone communications, and email (sail mail)? I've got Marine SSB for IdiYachts, and a pretty basic instructional manual for my ICOM 710, but I still feel pretty lost after reading both of them through a couple of times.

Hope all of you have a great sailing season, and that I'll get to meet many of you in the next few years.

Happy Holidays,

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Kent on passage weather dot com and click on the stream it'll show the current and forecast position

Richard Piller

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