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Eric I just did 2 deliveries with E80 unit both went on and off for no apparent reason. Not a good thing in close quarters. No other issues when the screen comes back it does not go through a start up cycle.

Richard Piller

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what model reymarine plotter(s) has this problem?
sm 376 Kimberlite

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I was in San Diego a few days ago and spoke to a broker and a few other people who explained that Raymarine has been having problems with their plotters blanking out. Apparently their tech support people have been instructed to blame power issues on the boat but if pushed hard enough, they will arrange for repairs. It's apparently a known defect.

I know someone recently made a post describing some problems with their plotter which they thought were a boat electrical issue. Raymarine tech support in the US can be reached at 866.244.3372

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