Hatches for Santorin and bilge pump

belitbh <belitbh@...>

Hi again,

It seems that our hatches are bit 'tired' and the rear cabin hatch is
complaining by leaking... - any recommendation for new hatches? stadard ones which can fit well? are the Santorin hatches matching standard sizes of the various manufacturers?

in our last sailing, the connection between the bilge pump to its electric
motor has disconnected (it looks like battery terminal connection), we have observed that the 'shaft' coming out of the motor is too short what makes the'battery terminal band' holding not ideal - is it by original design or maybe the motor is not properly positioned? in this regard, we want to put a back up pump - any tips on which will be the best and how to connect one (outlet,
position etc...)?

hope that now we are more specific to get answers...

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