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Is it feasible to retrofit a pilot berth into the walk thru ? I understand there is a fuel cell there. Can it be relocated assuming a loss of some tankage or storage is acceptable ?


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thank you to everybody that responded on this thread
i really found that the SM is a fantastic boat.  From what i understand the maramu has less systems (clearly).  Somebody mentioned that if the boat doesn't have a bow thruster one can be installed and that the aft cabin can be rebuilt to accomadate a queen bed.
The maramu  are missing the pilot berge in the walk thru.  Has anybod converted the table in the salon to a berth, i know this probably interfers with the wine and rum storage but that would be a great berth for guests.
thanks again.
hopefully i'll get to sail on an older maramu soon.
eric j.

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Is Golden Daze a Maramu or SM? Do you have a pic?
"Kristy" SM243

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