Rudder drain

Geoffrey Tyers <geoffrey_tyers@...>

As a new owner of Sharki #127 please confirm that the rudder is
designed to have a 1/2" drain hole in the base of the rudder. I have
just hauled my boat to paint the bottom and several gallons drained
out If no drain is designed what needs to be done to fill the
hollow rudder and prevent corrosion of the steel frame in the
rudder . As the boat is out of the water there is a window of
oppertunity to fix the problem if I have one.

When the boat was hauled for the prepurchase survey the same
condition existed and the Surveyor made no obervation as if it was a
normal condition, however that was not the position of the yard
where the paintjob is being done. They think I will have to rebuild
the rudder
Your comments are most welcome

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