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Hi Max the Maramu fuel tanks are along that side and are a big deal to move one and two the weight and balance of the boat has to be given great consideration. Given that we all like our own space and in fact need it it your family may want to consider moving up to a second hand 53 and gain more space and a real bunk your kid can call their own.

Richard Piller

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Thanks for the quick reply - was looking at the feasiblity for a berth for one of the children without using the saloon.

I certainly do not want to become one of those who mess up a good design if I purchase an Amel !



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A sea berth in the passageway of a Maramu is not feasible for anyone
approaching adolescence in size. In the saloon of the standard equipped
Maramu, you have an excellent sea berth to starboard with a backrest that
flips over to create a fine lee board. The sette area to port converts to
the best sea berth I have ever slept in as well as a fairly large double
berth. These berths, located amidship and close to the waterline, are very
useable in even very trying circumstances. Get someone who really knows a
Maramu inside and out to spend a few hours with you showing you the magic of
one of Captain Amel's favorite and most clever designs. The only bad thing
about a Maramu is finding one that has not been messed up by well
intentioned but unknowing owners unfamiliar with the entire Amel concept.
Good luck and buy the best one you can find. All things considered, that is
generally the best way to fetch the best overall value.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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