SM 24v Bilge Pump


Hi again, all,
I just got back on Kristy to do some prep for the trip south and discovered that the bilge pump isn't working. The flapper valves on the intake and output sides of the pump were attached to the inside of the pump head by screws that have rusted completely off, making it impossible to replace with new ones. I think I will need to get a new head for the pump but there are no identifying marks on the pump except "PAM" printed on a sticker on the pump head. I believe this is a Sandvik pump, but cant find it searching the web. Can anyone tell me what brand and model pump it should be on SM243? Has anyone replaced this pump with another brand and if so how much of a problem was it to mount in the engine room? Has anyone had the same problem with this pump and do you have suggestions for how to repair it?

Thanks as always for your replies.

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