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Dear Members,

The following comments are meant to reflect the thoughts of Joel Potter the Super Maramu
owner. They do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and policies of my friends and
colleagues at Amel.

Dear Fellow Amel Owners,

For Amel owners on this side of the Atlantic, we highly recommend you discuss your sail
service and replacement needs with Peter Grimm, Jr. of Super Sailmakers here in Fort
Lauderdale. This loft has their own top quality/nice price Super Sailmakers label as well
as representing the prestige/bigger bucks lofts of DOYLE and HOOD sails. Peter is
extremely knowledgeable, listens carefully to a clients wants and needs, and is nearly
devoid of salesman ego. You will get the right sail at a great price. I make nothing,
not one penny, on my referral. Rather, if you tell Peter that we sent you, you will
receive my discount, usually 10-20% depending on the item, as a professional courtesy.
Labor is the only thing not discountable.

Peter knows Amel boats and has made countless Amel clients happy over the years. He will
make you happy to. You can contact Peter by any of the following means:

Phone: 1 (954) 462-3695 1 (800) 541-7601
Fax: 1 (954) 767-0076

Joel F. Potter
Cruising Yacht Specialist
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas

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