Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Rudder drain

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Dear Members,

The following comments are meant to reflect the thoughts of Joel Potter the
Super Maramu owner. They do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and
policies of my friends and colleagues at Amel.

Dear Mr. Tyers.

The rudder on ALL Amels, from 1967 on, is designed to be hollow with a
hole to let water in. Whereas most builders try to build a rudder that
keeps water out only to eventually fail at great inconvenience and expense,
Captain Amel decided to use sea water as weight to dampen the rudders
movements. I have sold Amels over 30 years of age with original rudders
that were in excellent condition. Make sure the drain hole is open when
diving on the boat or at haul out. If the hole gets plugged or marine
growth covers it, the water trapped inside will become oxygen depleted and
will cause the stainless steel rudder shaft to fail from crevice corrosion.

Most yards attitude towards the "peeing rudder" is best described as an
embracing of the NOT INVENTED HERE SYNDROME. If something is different it
can't possibly be any good or work properly. Another example is the Amel
drive system on the Super Maramu. I get at least one irate phone call a
month from a marine mechanic who informs me that this system will never work
and it voids the engine warranty, neither of which carries any truth

English speakers are always invited to email me with any Amel related
service difficulties. As Amel's sole associate for the Americas for more
than 20 years, I have confronted most service situations at least once. We
don't carry Amel parts here in Florida, but we are happy to pass along the
benefit of over 20 years experience with Amels.

As a general rule, be wary of boat yards and individuals who take a
negative attitude toward your Amel or any of it's systems, such as the Amel
electrical system. ALL Amels have a "floating" direct current grounding
system. All D.C. electricity comes from the battery, to the equipment, and
then back to the battery NOT to a "ground" on the engine or hull. If
someone doesn't know this and installs electrical items improperly, at the
least you will probably introduce "noise" into your radios and electronics
and at worse, you will promote electrolysis.

Good luck with your Sharki. It's a fine ocean cruiser.

Joel F. Potter

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