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I have just serviced my AMFA fresh water pump and am now ready to install. Does anybody know if the pump is self priming?

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My pump, which is an AMFA 66I4555, Prot.IP44 has been getting
noisier in recent years. I had spares for the impellor, two brass
bits, one like a turbine and a matching face plate plus new ceramic
water seals. The latter turned out to be the wrong size but in fact
it was the impellor that was worn.
To replace, get the parts from Amel by Airmail or normal post in EU.
Turn off the power to the hot water heater and also the pump contact
breaker and run off the water at a tap. Tie a piece of line round the
big plastic vent pipe above the pump and leave the end hanging down.
Undo the connectors to the pump with a spanner and tie the left hand
one up high to stop water pouring back out of the hot tank
The pump is held to the floor of the engine room by four screws. If
they are hard to turn hit the top of the screwdiver with a hammer to
free them. Do not attempt to undo the four nuts on the vibration
mounting as they are on threaded rods forming part of the rubber
mounting. Lie the pump on its side and remove the cover to the wiring
to the pump pressure switch. Take a digital pic of the connections in
case you might forget which goes where before removing the three
wires so that you can get the pump on deck. You will also have to
release the grounding wire.
The next step is to undo three nuts holding the pump housing to the
motor and then remove the housing whilst the motor shaft is pointing
upwards. The housing holds one of the bits to be replaced, it is held
in place by two machine screws.Fit the new part (I had to file one of
the holes in the new part to get the second screw in place).
Carefully remove the circlip holding the impellor with a small
screwdriver and remove the old impellor taking care not to lose the
key. If you are replacing the seal as well, remove the second circlip
as well to remove the seal.In the event the new seal that I had was
the wrong size so I reused the old one with no problems.
Replace the circlip holding the seal by pushing it down the shaft
using all three of your hands so that it goes over the groove for the
top circlip crookedly to get it down the shaft to the second groove
against the spring on the seal which wants to send the circlip into
Fit the new impellor with the raised flange facing OUTWARDS making
sure that the key is held properly in place using some needlenose
pliers so that the impellor slides on easily and replace the
Reassemble and away you go...I hope.

Best wishes, Anne and John SM319

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