[Amel] Re: Shore Power Cables

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent - Please see my comments inserted in your post below:

--- In amelyachtowners@..., Kent Robertson <karkauai@...> wrote:
" Hi, Craig. There are 3 A/C-Heating units that ... use 5.4 A each in heater mode, the water heater info says 3.2 A.  So if I'm running all of it at once, I'm up to ~20A, plus what the charger uses (3-7A)...still below the 30A circuit limit and well below the 50A limit."

Kent - Those are likely 220v ratings. Let's convert to 110.
5.4A + 5.4A +5.4A + 3.2A = 19.4 Amps:
19Amps X 220volts = 4268 watts:
4268 watts / 110volts = 35.6 Amps
That's quite a bit over your 30A 110v limit (and I didn't add in the charger) - no wonder it's hot.
Kent continued: "My ? really is about the size of the wiring not meeting ABYC standards. Is it your understanding that there would be any difference between using European type 220 vs US type 220? The 50A 220v shore power cords that are available in the US are huge compared to the 220 line on the boat. The 30A 110V cord is bigger than the 220 one, but still not what's recommended by ABYC."

Kent, First, the European 220 is at 50 Hertz and US 110v is at 60 Hz. Actually the US is more like 120/240. So the European system will deliver less power over a given time than the US. (That's why our refrigerator takes longer to cool in Europe than in the US.) More power in a given time = more heat = bigger cables in US. Plus, in general, I think US electrical standards are more conservative than EU.

Kent continured: " I'm not really worried about the boat, but still don't understand the differences between US and European 220 enough to be completely confident when an electrician is telling me the wires are too small to be safe."

Kent: Hope the above helps some. Hey, go south - turn off the heaters, throw out the anchor and have a ball! If it's chilly in the meantime, turn on your diesel heater.

Cheers, Craig

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