Re: [Amel] Re: Shore Power Cables


Thanks, Craig.  That makes very good sense for the 110 cable.  I'm still not sure why we can get by with such a small 220 cable compared to what's recommended in the US, and why it makes a difference (or if it even does) if we're using EU 220 or US 220 to what size shore power cable we need.  Is it just the difference between EU 220 50Hz and US 120/240 60Hz?  If so that's a huge difference in cable size for a 9% difference in voltage and a 20% difference in Hz (the difference in Hz really doesn't alter the Amperage, does it?).  I don't know if I'm really as dumb as I feel about this stuff, but I get a different answer from every electrician I deal with...and now this one (who seems sharper than the average) is strongly recommending that I change the 220 shore power cable to a much larger one (~1inch dia) at great expense.  My gut tells me no, but I'm trying to get my head in line, too.
Thanks again to all.

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