Re: [Amel] Re: Wind Generator on an AMEL 54

Patrick McAneny

I have only just got my psa working after replacing the alt. about a month
ago.But so far, while there has got to be some speed lose,I have not seen
more than perhaps a tenth or two not nearly a 1/2 a knot lose.When I think
about it, if sailing along at 7 knots and I dragged something the surface area
of a prop from behind the boat I would not expect a speed drop of 1/2 knot.I
had a Four Winns on one boat and a Kiss on another,' both quiet and good
output ,the Kiss a better value for the price .I will add a wind gen. for
anchoring but love the psa for power while sailing.I often found the apparent
wind too light while sailing off the wind for the wind gen.Someone asked me to
take pictures of my psa installation, we will download the pics. to photo
section under Shenanigans this week. Pat

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