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I think the U-drive may have something to do with the shaft generator being eliminated. Our Maramu has a simple straight shaft so fitting a shaft generator was simple enough. I'm not sure if it would have been as easy on a SM or other Amel with U-drive.
When we bought out Maramu it had been repowered and the shaft generator was gone. We have two 130w solar panels and I am adding a third which should allow us to live without having to run the engine to charge batteries.

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Hi Danny & Yvonne,
   What happened to the marvellous Amel shaft alternator system......on my Santorin, it provided about 60% of our power needs crossing the Atlantic, (light winds - slow crossing), but on the Pacific crossing it supplied all the power to keep the batteries fully charged.  You lose about 1/2 Kt boat speed, but the security was worth it!
Where we are now, (in Phuket, geriatric day sailing), it is a terrific booster to bring the batteries up quickly after a night at anchor.
   If Amel have stopped fitting them, I'm sorry but I consider it a backwards step, which is unusual for Amel.
  Is there anyway one could be fitted, or does the new gearbox on the Amel's not allow the prop to rotate under sail?

Mike & Chris
Santorin, Akwaaba

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Hi Anthony, we have a Super Maramu. We intended to do extended ocean crossings and for us the issue was one of security. To rely solely on engine produced electricity seemed high risk to us. Sarter motors and alternators can fail, fuel can be contaminated. We wanted a power source that would at least keep our instruments and radio going in the event of a failure. We fitted a  Super Wind 350 generator to the top of the mizzen. It is a robust unit designed for use in remote locations with mechanically feathering blades for extreme winds. At deck and cabin level we never hear it, and certainly no vibration. If there is 20 knots of wind it's output is formidable, under 10 knots, very little. We also mounted two 150 watt solar panels with clamps on the port rail aft of the cockpit. This has proved very satisfactory. When needed we can slack the clamps and swing the panels vertical, eg entering marina berths.

In the Caribbean and the Pacific tropics with the freezer and fridges working hard the combination made a good contribution, probably 50% of daily consumption on average. Now we are in the temperate climate of NZ, mostly 100%..



Danny and Yvonne

Ocean Pearl SM 299

Mangonui NZ


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Hi Anthony

I did install an Aerogen 400 on top of my SM mizzen. It has bee there for ten years now and it works. However I wont do it again as I found it useless.. It brings very little power, once in a while when conditions are optimum, it is noisy and if one of the blade becomes unbalanced the vibrations travels all the way down the mizzen mast. You have to check regularly the silent blocks as sun, salt, heat and rubber don't get along well.

In my opinion the SM or the 54 are too much energy consumer boats to expect covering the energy consumption with solar panels or wind generator . You will never cover your needs fully. When conditions are good it will save you half an hour of power generator a day at most? It is not worth the trouble. Unless you cut down your electrical consumption drastically, no electronic, no autopilot no fridge, no music, no entertainment, nothing in fact (which is purposely not the right way to enjoy a SM or a 54) it does not bring enough benefit.


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I would like to install a six kilo Air Breeze wind generator on top of the mizzen mast.
Is there anyone who has already made such an installation and who could give me all details about the necessary support post of this installation?
With thanks in advance

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