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Eric, I replaced my genoa sheet in Crete a year ago with a
new ( I think called dyneema ) sheet by Liros or Marlow. Very
soft off load and rock hard under load, this sheet handles
almost double the load of my polyester sheet supplied with the
boat by Amel. It is expensive but I strongly recommend it.

Malcolm. S/M 464 Bon Jovi

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We are here in St Martin, We need to replace our genoa sheet. Amel says
it is 16 mm 42 meters long and polyester.
What rope have you used to replace this sheet. There are many styles pf
polyester rope. marlow, glistein, new england ropes are available. The
existing sheet has a very small black core of an unknown material.
Fair winds.
eric sm 376 kimberlite

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