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I own a 1993 Santorin and besides replacing old electronics with new systems my regular upkeep costs are low.

There has been very few issues – only things like a leaking fuel line and seawater leaking from the water pump. But lying in Tunisia make repairs cheap and almost any part is readily available – if you know the right people and speak some French.

So my costs are about Euro 2.800 for the berth per year plus insurance which is another Euro 1.600 / year. Plus fuel and minor repairs now and then.

/lars, Denmark

Salvagny, Santorin #79

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Thank you for your reply Kent, so $60,000 on 2 years. Were you aware of the repair needed when you purchased her? Do you do the work yourself? Thanks for your time, Alexandre

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My SM is 11 yrs old now and after two years of trying to get her in ship-shape, I'm finding it's still costing me a lot more than I anticipated. I keep thinking that I'll have most of the major stuff done and then something else breaks down...water heater and bilge pump the latest two on the list. I can tell you that if you have time and skill enough to do most of the work yourself, it will cost you less than half of what it costs to have someone else to do the work. So far I've spent over $60,000 US upgrading, replacing, repairing, etc. I want to add davits and redo the interior upholstery which will add another $10K or so. After that I'm hoping it will be mostly maintenance and not so much major replacement/repair. Can't guess what my yearly costs might be but so far it's over twice what I expected at this point. But she's ready to go anywhere now, and it's all worth it...just may never get to retire fully, eh?
Steady as she goes.

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Subject: [Amel] Amel yearly upkeep cost
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Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 2:10 PM

I am seriously interested in purchasing an Amel. The SM cost is above my current budget but I am not discarding it, I am considering Maramu, Santorin and even Mango. Would that be possible to get some feedback on the average yearly up keep/ maintenance (once the sailboat is in absolute ready to cruise condition). A French web site mentions 3500 € ($4,900) per year on an SM, this seems a bit low. I am not looking for insurance nor marina fees, just the maintenance/upkeep costs such as hoses, filters, bearings, bushings, seals, etc.

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Alexandre

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