Re: Re : [Amel] Amel yearly upkeep cost

Chris Smither <yachtakwaaba@...>

Hi all,
     Having just moved "ashore" after nearly 10 years of living aboard - we still have the Santorin - I have found that I grossly underestimated the amount of "little" maintenance jobs that you both do, every day, almost without noticing. These are jobs that my irreverent brother calls "fettling"
This means that without you really noticing lots of small problems get solved before they become big ones, whereas if you only get on the boat once or twice a week.......need I say more.
 Thus I believe that your maintenance costs are very much lower if you live aboard. And, dare I say it  that is another reason a boat is a "she" - you neglect them at your peril! (loud groan from Christine in the background).

Mike & Chris SN 27

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