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Fisher, Thomas W.

Hi Lior,

I will be at my boat this weekend. I'll try very hard to remember the
manual nad then I can send you the PDF next week.


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Hi Tom

Thank you very much for the respond. Actually I would like to repair it.
y boat is now in Bodrum/Turkey. It would be great, if you could PDF me
the manuel. I dont have it. If I once will replace it, I will let you

Thanks a lot

2010/11/18 Fisher, Thomas W. <fishert@...>


Those Neco auto pilots are very strong and compared todays units quite
simple. I just had mine repaired. Likely something is wrong with the
switch contacts in the motor unit or its in the control unit itself.
If you have the manual you'll be able to get it fixed. Start with the
control unit or better yet have a tech come out to your boat. There is
a company in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in fixing the Neco units
I think I have the name writen inside my manual. If you do not have
the manual I'd be happy to PDF mine and send it to you. Also if you
decide to replace your Neco I'd be interested in taking it off your
hands for parts assuming its the same model.

Good luck!

Tom Fisher
SHEILA, Sharki #142


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I am a new amel owner. I bought an Amel Maramu #155 from 1984.
Last week I was first time on the boat and made many repairs. the boat
was since almost 4 years on hard without any maintenance.
I have two questions, maybe someone can help me.

The battary can be charged with solar panels, electricity 220V and the
shaft alternator. At this time it is possible to charge only if the
Botten (Secure, Normal, Charge) is on "charge". I can understand it
very good for the shaft alternator but why the solar panel and 220V
can not charge the battary if it is on "Normal"?
Is it possible to change it? Other weise if I sail and want to charge
the battary with the solar panel, I have to go down and chage to
"charge". And when I want to start the engine, I have to change it
again to "Normal".

Aoto pilot: The "old" Neco auto pilot does not work. when I turn it
on, it goes every 5 sec. to the left and immediatly to the right, all
the time. It looks like the auto pilot does not know where to go. Deos
someone know what it could be?

Thanks in advance
Lior, SABABA, Maramu #155

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