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Stephan Regulinski


Thanks for referral. We have about 17,000 miles also. However, it
is our main that has taken the biggest beating as we have motor
sailed into heavy weather on numerous occasions. The luff tape has
been replaced once and the leach repaired twice. Then genoa will be
with us a while.


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I had a new genoa made by a friend of Joel Potter's in Fort
Lauderdale. It has a foam luff and in general it was a well made sail
and at a good price. The sail maker's name is Peter Grimm and his
email is peter@s... It cost $217 to DHL it to St Lucia.

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances, I never got to sail
with the new genoa, but I did ensure that it fitted OK. It is now a
spare on my new SM which I take delivery of on July 15th.

Joel tells me that Peter is very familiar with Amel sails and that
he has made a good number of them for US owners.

As a matter of interest, how old are your sails and how many miles
have they done? I changed my genoa after 17,000 nms of hard sailing,
much of which was in the tropics. I did have the leech tape repaired
a couple of times, but eventually due to UV and wear, the rear panels
became too weak and the lower cross tree fitting proved to be too
much for the material when the genoa accidentally backed one day. I
have noticed that the latest SM's now have a different end fitting
which looks kinder to the genoa. I would like to see then covered in
leather too.

Good luck with the new sails.

Ian Shepherd

SM 414 "Crusader"

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