Maramu repower

jochenh1109 <jochen@...>

Hello dear forum members,

Our Blue Song finally needs a new Diesel, and we'll have to have it installed down here in Grenada.

Who of the fellow Maramu owners have gone through that exercise, what new engine did you install (or have installed) and why did you choose that specific motor, how painful was the exercise, how happy are you with your new engine ?

We are presently considering a Cummins (but that is a 3.3 ltr, 65 HP engine - fuel consumption....) or a 52 HP Yanmar (is that enough HP, it is a bit less than our old Perkins 4154).

ANY useful comment/suggestion/hint will be appreciated, there is so much you can do wrong as I have read in various cruisers forums

Thanks in advance and fair winds

s/v Blue Song
Maramu #143

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