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I would like to install a six kilo Air Breeze wind generator on top of the mizzen mast.

Is there anyone who has already made such an installation and who could give me all details about the necessary support post of this installation?

With thanks in advance


I have an Air X on my mizzen and it has served me well. I installed an Air Marine about 11 years ago in Trinidad and replaced it with the much quieter Air X about 5 years ago. It produces up to 400 watts in a stiff breeze and will run everything on the boat. In conditions when the wind is in the 20+ knot range, I don't have to run the generator at all. On average, I estimate that it reduces my generator hours by over half.

I mounted it on an aluminum pole on top of the mizzen. The pole is welded to a base the same size as the top of the mizzen, with 4 gussets at the base to add strength. I mounted the whole thing on a piece of hard rubber (that was intended to go around a dock post in the harbor) the was also the size of the top of the mizzen. I attached it to the mizzen with 6 bolts that are in hard rubber tubes (from a car front strut) and have hard rubber disks (also from a car suspension) isolating the bolt heads and nuts—rather like small engine mounts. After 11 years, the mount has required no maintenance.

If you install one, it is important to use a large enough wire size. I added an ammeter and on/off switch and mounted it in the locker over the pilot berth—which is along the path of the wire to the batteries.



Newport, RI

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