Volvo Turbos

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I have SM 302 with the Volvo/Perkins TMD22p. No complaints after 800 hours, other than replacing the key switch and the engine hour meter and rev counter, both at crazy Volvo prices.Power output is fine and I take care to open up the revs every few hours to ensure the Turbo is properly exercised.
When the revs are high and the turbo is really being used there is a pressure control valve that opens up if the turbo pressure gets too high.As I understand it the rod attached to this valve moves back against the resistance of a spring.I have been advised to move this rod back manually from time to time ( with engine switched off) to ensure that it is free moving and it has always been free when I have moved it.
However, when I use full revs there is no discernible movement on this rod ( possibly 1/2 mm but it's difficult to guage when the engine is flat out).It has been suggested to me that as Amel govern the output to 60hp the turbo pressure doesnt reach the point where the valve opens.( this wouldn't prevent the turbo from working ok as mine seems to be)
Has anyone any experience to suggest that the rod should or should not be seen to move at full revs, and if it does move is this a momentary and occasional movement or should the the valve be seen to stay open above certain revs?
Ian Jenkins

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