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I would be really interested in some pictures of your engine replacement. It is
something we are giving serious consideration to and I would find them very


John And Deb
Orion1 Maramu #41

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Sent: Fri, 19 November, 2010 19:42:34
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My engine only had 5,200 hours on it when I replaced it. My engine was leaking
some oil out of the rear main seal, which ends up in the bilge of course. The
harbors are really coming down on anyone spilling anything in the water, so
that was a problem. It still had good power however. I looked into just
replacing the rear main seal, and learned that in order to do so you have to
remove the crankshaft from the motor, not cheap. In addition, when the seal
starts to leak, it is usually because the main bearings are getting worn and
sloppy, so that leads to a complete rebuild. I replaced the motor rather than
rebuilding it for several reasons. A rebuild was $5,000 and a new motor $11,000.

The later added value to the boat. Newer technology gave better economy by about

18 to 20%, so it extended the range by the same amount. I absolutely hated the
raw water pump on the Perkins, it accounted for 90% of my repairs. The yanmar is

geardriven and much more robust. Replacement parts for the Perkins are getting
very expensive. As long as you are not leaking oil and don't have to replace any

major parts I would stay with it for a while. I will forward to you an email
that I sent another member that includes some pictures.

Eric Maramu 105

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Sent: Thu, November 18, 2010 12:31:23 PM
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hi eric
i have on my boat still the perkins 4-154. i have just bought the yacht. the
engine should have about 7000 hr. it looks that it works perfect. would you
recommend to change the engine? can you send me also the pictures?

sababa, maramu #155

נשלח מה-iPhone שלי

ב-18 בנוב 2010, בשעה 21:17, Eric Lindholm <etlindholm@...> כתב/ה:

I installed the yanmar 73 hp. I was considering the 54 as it did not have a
turbo and there is a generator pack offered for this motor by yanmar. You only

need 28 hp to cruise at 6.5 knots. The generator pack is only offered in

not the USA, where I am located. It is pretty slick, as it slides in between

flywheel of the engine and the transmission. It only adds about 3" or so to the

length of the motor assembly. It is can put out up to 5 or 6 kw. I had the

with a Hurth mechanical trans. The installation was easy. I used the same trans

and adapter plate from the 4-154, and since the rear motor mounts are on the
trans and adapter, it simplified alignment issues. I can send you pictures
directly to your email if you want that shows the installation, motor mounts,
exhaust etc. You can pull the old motor straight out by just removing the

hatch, and install the new one the same. The work is really in cleaning up the

engine room itself. I went with the 73 hp as I could not get the gen pack, and

figured extra power could not hurt, especially since I installed a 320 amp
alternator. Love the motor, it is smaller in size, with an increase of
efficiency of about 18 to 20%. I did the entire install myself.

Eric Maramu 105

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Sent: Thu, November 18, 2010 11:07:10 AM
Subject: [Amel] Maramu repower

Hello dear forum members,

Our Blue Song finally needs a new Diesel, and we'll have to have it installed
down here in Grenada.

Who of the fellow Maramu owners have gone through that exercise, what new

did you install (or have installed) and why did you choose that specific motor,

how painful was the exercise, how happy are you with your new engine ?

We are presently considering a Cummins (but that is a 3.3 ltr, 65 HP engine -
fuel consumption....) or a 52 HP Yanmar (is that enough HP, it is a bit less
than our old Perkins 4154).

ANY useful comment/suggestion/hint will be appreciated, there is so much you

do wrong as I have read in various cruisers forums

Thanks in advance and fair winds

s/v Blue Song
Maramu #143

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