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I try not to think about how much money I spend on the boat ;-)
When we bought our Maramu, the previous owner had spent over $100K USD on a fairly extensive refit. We spent around $15K USD completing the work, replacing some hardware, and building new sails. We cruised the boat for about 8 or 9 months and spent under $300 on maintenance during that time.

Now we are ready to haul out, paint the bottom, replace the stuffing box, and install a new thru-hull which will be about $2K USD.

I expect we'll spend very little over the next year although I'm thinking about a new mizzen spinnaker and maybe another staysail.

We do most of our own work and I'm in the industry so I have wholesale accounts. I think if you budget about 10% of the boat's value for annual maintenance, repairs, and minor upgrades you will come out okay. Some years you will spend more and some years less. If the boat is well prepared you will spend far less when you're out cruising.

It is always far more economical to purchase a boat that has had a major refit than to take it on yourself. In fact I would not have bought our boat if it had not been extensively refit (new engine, new electronics, new AP, new radar, 100% new electrical system, new ground tackle, topside paint, recent rerig with masts pulled and rewired, etc. etc.)

Although the boat is not for sale I'd estimate the value somewhere between $180K-190K USD. You could buy other Maramus for $120-150K but you could easily have over $200K invested and still not be close to the level of refit. So buy the best boat you can find because there is no such thing as a bargain on a cruising boat.

Good luck in your search. If there's anything I can do to assist just drop me a note.


Dave Benjamin
Maramu #29

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Good morning Dave, I really appreciate your response.  For the first 4 years I will live aboard in Texas.  Then slowly travelling starting Caribbean then South America.
I was also told a well cared boat was more cost-efficient to purchase… 
Did you estimate the average yearly cost of your Maramu over the last 2 years?
Thanks again, sincerely, Alexandre

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I think costs will vary widely depending on location, type of use, and how well the boat has been updated and maintained.

From my limited experience of a little over two years of Maramu ownership I can say that most Amels will be less costly to maintain than other cruising boats. The boat is far better designed than many. This means that a project that could take days on another boat might be done in hours on the Amel. For instance if I had to remove our fuel tank I could get it out rather quickly without taking furniture apart the way you have to on other boats. I replaced our batteries in a few hours. Engine maintenance is a lot easier than on boats with the engine stuffed under the companionway. The exterior is low maintenance with no teak to speak of other than the cockpit.

It is always far more cost effective to purchase a boat that has been well cared for and perhaps had an extensive refit than to buy something that is more of a project.

Whichever Amel you choose I predict you will be quite happy with the boat.


Dave Benjamin
Maramu #29

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I am seriously interested in purchasing an Amel. The SM cost is above my current budget but I am not discarding it, I am considering Maramu, Santorin and even Mango. Would that be possible to get some feedback on the average yearly up keep/ maintenance (once the sailboat is in absolute ready to cruise condition). A French web site mentions 3500 € ($4,900) per year on an SM, this seems a bit low. I am not looking for insurance nor marina fees, just the maintenance/upkeep costs such as hoses, filters, bearings, bushings, seals, etc.
Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Alexandre

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