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I based that figure on an older Maramu since the gentleman inquiring suggested he may be leaning towards buying one. He plans to liveaboard domestically for four years before cruising. If he buys an average Maramu for say $150K, he could easily spend $60K in the four years he has to prep the boat.

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I do not believe that estimating maintenance costs as a percentage of boat
value makes sense.You can take two SMs identical in every way, however one
could have a value of $250,000 and another a few years newer could have a
value of $550,000.Does that mean the owner of the newer boat would send
$30,000. more per year to maintain his boat? If anything the owner of the older
boat of less value would probably spend more because his systems are older.I
have owned my SM for four years and I have not spent 10% of its value yet, and
I assure you I have maintained and greatly approved the boat since I've
owned it. As its been pointed out, if you do the work yourself, and I do, you
save a hell of alot of money.An example , two years ago Diane and I spent
probably 100 hrs. preping the topsides and rubrails before we awlgripped the
boat . Total cost probably $700.00 , if done by the marina it probably would
have cost at least $14,000.00.or more. Not one run by the way, it looks
great, there is a photo under ''Shenanigans ''in the photo section.It is
expensive to own my SM , but if it ran 10% a year to maintain , I would be sailing a
sunfish. In regards to insurance, work has and will for at least another
year keeps us confined primarily to the Cheasapeke Bay ,so I have coverage
only from Maine to S.Carolina, no need to over insure.My premium is $ 1265.00/
yr. for full coverage with Charter Lakes marine ins. agency , Kent Island ,
Pat SM 123

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