main halyard problem

Patrick McAneny

I tried to drop my main and it would not drop.I applied downward pull on the tack to the point I was afraid I might damage the sail.It became apparent it was stuck at the top of mast.I went to the top and I could not see but it felt as though there was two sections of the halyard going over the top of the sheave.I think that I did not have the downhaul short enough and the sail low enough an when I tensioned the halyard the knot or sliced pulled over the sheave and through the plates on the sides that hold the sheave and now will not came back through.I think Iam going to have to cut the halyard at the sheave to drop the sail and drop the halyard and rerun it.Two questions,Does the halyard ran inside a conduit that a knot or splice would hang up on?I would not think there would be ,but wanted to check before I cut.I do not know what you call the car/swivel that the head of the main is attached to,but how is the halyard attached, a splice?
Thanks,Pat SM123

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