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Eric Lindholm <etlindholm@...>

Geoffrey. I have a common 12 volt Delco alternator that was modified by putting
a 24 volt rotor into a 12 volt stator (case). It has an internal 12 volt
regulator.  It bolted up in place of the Amel supplied alternator, which on my
maramu was a Paris Ronn. I had to remove approximately 1/2 inch from the front
of the foot of the alternator that mounts on the bracket above the transmission,
and do a little machine work on the small diameter pulley to fit it onto the
alternator. The total cost of the alternator ready to go was only $120 US. It
puts out 16 amps at 6.5 knots, twice what the original did. If you ask around, I
am sure someone can direct you to an alternator repair shop that could test your
alternator and repair what you have, or provide you with an improved version. 

Eric Maramu 105 

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Subject: [Amel] Re: shaft driven alternater Sharki #127

We have Sharki 181 with a Valeo 25 amp shaft alternator.
It is a Type A290, this number has now been changed to 510837. I it is identical
to a Motorola unit, they look as though they come out of the same factory and
use the same brush set etc.

The current replacement has a UK list price of approximately £1200.00, yes one
thousand two hundred pounds! So I would suggest that you get yours repaired or
find a more sensibly priced alternative.

You should bre able to find an auto shop that can test and repair your existing
Best of luck.


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Could somebody provide the specifications on the shaft driven alternater so
that I can have my current model checked. I get no output at 6 kts thru the
water... Does any body recommend a permenant magnet alternater.

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