Re: Sharki solar panel mounting


We have a Maramu so there's no issue with the mizzen boom overhanging the stern. A customer of mine traded me a set of Kato davits in exchange for me spending a day on his boat doing a wind vane install.

We will mount the davits and install an additional 135w panel on the crossmember between the davits. A sistership to our boat has Kato davits and they seem to work okay.

Depending on how much overhang you have perhaps it's not a problem to do something similar on your boat.

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Hello all,
Has anyone fitted a davit and solar panel arrangement to the stern of their Sharki, or anything similar?

I have looked at this idea but as the end of the mizzen boom overhamgs the stern the framework would have to be set quite far aft and perhaps would look rather odd. Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated.


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