Eau Mer alarm

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You can test the alarm by removing the small hose that goes to the sea chest
and sucking on that hose.

The alarm should sound. Unfortunately one time I had the smallest air leak
in my engine raw water pump. It was at the raw water pump cover plate, and
the alarm did not sound so I changed the sensor. You can view the melted
Vetus plastic Muffler in the photo section. This made no difference, then I
sucked on the hose and the alarm sounded. Fortunately I carry spare mufflers
. I also had a new metal muffler made .

I did change the raw water pump cover plate, but somewhere in the manifold I
have the smallest air leak and I can not find it.

I motored for over 100 hours and I had no problems with the engine. I also
would like to know how to find this miniscule air leak.

What actually saved me one time is that I purchased an exhaust high
temperature sensor fro Borel manufacturing. It consists of a thermocouple
that mounts at the exhaust of the engine and mounts around the exhaust hose.
It also has a alarm horn that I mounted next to the Amel alarm. If I lose
cooling water the alarm goes off . the hookup taes about 20 minutes.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I recently set off under engine with the main sea water intake cock shut
because someone working on the generator forgot to open it when the sea
water pump was replaced. Luckily I realised something was wrong within a
few minutes and returned on low power to the marina where I discovered the
seawater intake was closed. Like Mark I was also concerned that the alarm in
the companionway did not sound. I am also wondering now if the alarm is
faulty on my SM2K and if there is a means of testing it. After this I
replaced the sea water impellor on the engine as a precaution in case there
was any damage although the engine only ran for about five minutes. The
engine has been fine ever since.

Peter SM2K 293 MAIA

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